"A lány nem találkozott az angolokkal."

Translation:The girl did not meet the English people.

September 28, 2016

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If the question is "angolok/kal" then "with" English people, really needs to be accepted in such sentences.


Bear in mind, Hungarian always uses "with" when meeting, unlike English. That is the normal way in Hungarian.


Yes I appreciate that thanks vvsey which is why I think BOTH answers should be accepted. At the moment we are being penalised for interpreting "Angolok/kal" correctly by adding "with" in our answers. Still I'm sure we will get there in the end :) .


Yes, I agree, both versions should be accepted. Surely but slowly. :)


How exactly can one see that it is in the past tense (did not meet), and not the present (does not meet, is net meeting)


The verb találkozott is in the past tense, the corresponding present tense is találkozik.


I don't understand this at all. I thought this lesson was about putting a "t" before the ending to make it past tense. I also don't understand the ending on "angol" to make it "English people". Have we learned anything about that??

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