"There are no fish in those, onto which no boats go."

Translation:Azokban sincsenek halak, amikre nem mennek hajók.

September 28, 2016

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Why not nincsenek? I don't see an "either" in the English translation?


That is a good catch. (Unlike for those who go onto those, in which there are no fish). This sentence is messy enough even without that mistake. :)


When on the earth would we say this sentence?


"There are no fish in those, onto which no boats go."

I think we can use it as a really good test. For example, here is an apple. I wonder if there are fish in it. Tough question, right? But here is the test: do boats go onto the apple? Of course not! Therefore, there are no fish in the apple! There you go.

I think this sentence may have been written by some crazy kindergarten teacher after he flew over some overly happy cows at a dangerously low altitude.


This entire lesson is a disaster and should be removed completely. They will need to find other examples.


I managed to get this right, but I still feel that I must raise a protest. Sentences such as this simply should not feature in the course.


This sentence is mindless. This is wrong way to teach a language. Ez a mondat értelmetlen. Így nem lehet nyelvet tanítani.


This course has at least inspired me to learn the Hungarian for "back to the drawing board" - "elölről kell kezdeni az egészet!"


Who the hell speaks like this ???? My wife is Hungarian and she does not know how to put such sentence .


Why amikre instead of amelyikre?

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