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"Mối quan hệ giữa Việt Nam Trung Quốc rất phức tạp."

Translation:The relation between Vietnam and China is very complicated.

September 28, 2016



I know right. If there's a foreign power involved in Vietnam, Vietnam and China are allies. But once the foreign power is removed Vietnam and China are enemies.

January 31, 2017


Vietnam seems to get things right. They have defeated every superior military force alone or through allies. US supported Ho Chi Minh in WWII and how things would have been different if US responded to Ho's request for recognition and support. Last few months I observed a major invasion going on involving not military but economic invasion. A few are getting obscenely wealthy. I thought of that every night that I observed Landmark 81.


In English the most common meaning of "relation" is "a relative". A person to whom you are related as in a cousin, etc.

The word a native English speaker would use is "relationship".


Why is relationship between.... not acceptable?


Gee, I am so enlightened now by highlighting "và". Up to now I had no idea what that word meant. I hope one day to see "một" highlighted. Every day I wonder what that means.


"the relations between Vietnam and China are very complicated" should also be accepted.


Oooh damn we gettin' political here. Can't wait to see what's next.

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