"This is a small and light table."

Translation:Ez egy kicsi és könnyű asztal.

September 28, 2016

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are "kis" and "kicsi" interchangeable?


Kis is just a form of kicsi which can be used in adjective position (but not in predicate position like ‘this house is small’, ez a ház kicsi).


so it could be used in the sentence above?


Nope. You should use only "kicsi" in this one.


So, we have to further restrict the rule for "kis" to be immediately before a noun or another adjective (maybe even an adverb) that also refers to the noun. But not even an "és" can be after it, otherwise it changes to "kicsi".

  • kis piros labda
  • kicsi és piros labda

Really, "kis" likes to be closely attached to its noun. It likes to be part of a compound word. As in "kislányok" - little girls.
"Kicsi" has no problem standing on its own.


Ez az asztal kicsi.... (?)

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