"The student found the subject."

Translation:Ο μαθητής βρήκε το υποκείμενο.

September 28, 2016

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ο φοιτητής βρήκε το υποκείμενο


Good catch thank you it's been added along with [σπουδάστης/σπουδάστρια/μαθήτρια/φοιτήτρια]


Hi! the alternative sentences lack accents in the version I just saw ("ο φοιτητης"), and there are "/" in the answers. It reads θεμα/υποκειμενο I think. Tried to report but was stopped by the count down:-(


Oh, am I right in thinking you found this in a "timed practice'? Here is the problem. When we edit sentences the only section that seems to receive the edit is the tree. Other areas such as "strengthen skills, multiple choice etc" don't get the edits. We're working on it.

Thank you for your input. It always helps.


That's right! Tested out of a lot and went through the tree in a few days, and I like the timed practice as the tree decays.. I can't remember how to say 'chat online' --- in English! :-) Etcetera. Seriously, it's helping me refresh my Greek, of course.


A blip in strengthening exercise, translate from English to Greek. It rejects " ο μαθητής βρήκε το θέμα" even though it is given as a correct answer.


What's the difference between θέμα και υποκείμενο

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