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"Comment vous soutenir tous les deux ?"

February 7, 2013



1) Why "you"? "tous les deux" does not define who is being referenced, so it could be also "them" or "us" right?

2) Why in this case "soutenir" is not conjugated to agree with "vous" and is translated in an indefinite form?


I think this is a French idiom whereby the "pourrais-je" or possibly "pourrait-on" is suppressed, to make the question more gnomic/generalised. I.e. we infer "Comment pourrais-je vous soutenir tous les deux?" or "Comment pourrait-on vous soutenir tous les deux?" It's also similar to how in English we say "I know how to swim." but in French "Je sais nager." is sufficient.

The fact that "soutenir" is not conjugated lets us know "vous" is not the subject of the sentence, but the object, and that naturally leads us to infer that "tous les deux" refers to "vous", not anyone else.


That is a great answer, thanks!


agreed, but a comma would have helped comment vous soutenir , tous les deux

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