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  5. can't access next level.


can't access next level.

I just finished animals in basics 2, but nothing else has been unlocked. the only option I have is to go back and do more basics 1 stuff. I am on level 5 and everything I can access says mastered when I select it. Is it possible that I have to reach a certain number of practice points to access the next level even though I have "mastered" the topics available?

June 16, 2012



The problem has been fixed. Thanks for your feedback!


Might have to go back and master the other lessons, click on the lesson, and look in the top right hand corner for test or something of the sort.


They said in another question just like this that they know about the issue and they are working to resolve it. There isn't anything we can do but wait, it seems. So just be patient.

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