"We come down from the motorway at Győr."

Translation:Győrnél jövünk le az autópályáról.

September 28, 2016

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Not sure I am following now. When I tried to translate from Hungarian to English (in a previous sentence), the answer was "leaving the motorway". There was a discussion on the subject.


I have just added my two cents there:


This whole duolingo thing is team work. I guess two different people were doing the back and forth translations, or who knows what other reasons there may be for all the inconsistencies. Hopefully all possible answers will be accepted everywhere in the end.


In New York State the main highway/motorway in called "the Thruway." That's its name and that's what I grew up hearing. We also have parkways. For example, the Taconic State Parkway in New York State, the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, The Garden State parkway in New Jersey. We also have turnpikes. Some of which kept their names even after no linger having the same function. These were "highways" in the 18th century sense that collected tolls for passage. Such as the New Jersey Turnpike. Finally, we have beltways. Such as the Baltimore Beltway and the Washington Beltway, both named for the city encircled.


"Lejövünk az autópályán Győrnél"?


I have lost count of how many times I get this sentence wrong. We're coming down by the motorway at Győr, why not "-on"? And what about word order?


Győrnél: somewhere close to Győr, but not inside the city.

Győrött / Győrben: inside Győr.

Word order can be changed.

What are we doing? We get off the highway. - Lejövünk az autópályáról Győrnél.

Where do we get off the highway? At Győr. - Győrnél jövünk le az autópályáról.


Thank you! I didn't understand we were getting off the highway, I thought we were driving south along it.

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