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How can I erase my progress in a given language?

So I was curious what duolingo would feel like if I was learning French, my native language, so I tried it out, using one of the "padlock" test. Obviously I succeeded (though I did lose all my hearts, interestingly), and now all the points I gained from that are dwarfing those I am gaining from genuinly learning German... Is there a way to remove all that "progress" from my account?

February 7, 2013



This is asked often here. As far as I know, there isn't yet a way to drop a language.


Interestingly enough, I am almost sure that if Duolingo offers such a feature to drop a language, we will start to hear requests from people asking to retrieve it because they dropped it by accident or just to "try it out". :)

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Yep, and that's a much harder problem to solve once we delete your data. ;)


You should let people delete their data. Just make sure to let them know that their action is going to permanently delete their data. Also, wait one or two weeks to actually delete it forever to give them time to go back on their decision.


This is a very good solution to that problem.


When you attempt to make something foolproof you resolve only to find yourself a better fool.

In other words: this would work for the majority, but the admins/support staff would still be flooded with requests, and be sent on long drawn out battles with people requesting their data back.

It sucks, but it makes the lives easier for those who work to keep this program going.


I need help, my data was deleted and I did not ask for it. It was instantaneous.


I don't think there's anyway of doing it beyond deleting the account and starting again or creating a second account.


There should be provided an option for deleting your progress. I really don't know where the problem is. Many people just want to try and then they get bored or unintersted or so. At that point they would never return back to this particular language so it is very reasonable that they want to delete their work. It is all optional; leave it or take it.

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