"Sok új iroda van ebben a városban, de kevés ember dolgozik ezekben az irodákban."

Translation:There are many new offices in this city, but few people work in these offices.

September 28, 2016



It sounds like the old joke - Q: how many people work here? A: about half of them.

July 1, 2017


Why do you think so?

Because of the fact, that a noun combined with a numeral is always singular in hungarian?

July 2, 2017


Rembember: town is not accepted, only city. Reported though

September 28, 2016


It still is "wrong" ;-)

And I reported again. But for a few weeks now I get nearly every day feedbacks to my reports...

... I did maybe three months ago or more.

December 13, 2016


"a lot of" is used more often in statements than "many."

March 17, 2018
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