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  5. "Giới hạn khoảng cách"

"Giới hạn khoảng cách"

Translation:Distance limit

September 28, 2016



What is a distance limit?


this question must have been asked pre-covid19


Exactly what you think it means, a limit on distance. e.g. you can only do something up to a certain distance away.


I can understand the concept, but it's just never said that way


I wonder if "Range" would be a better translation.

For example consider the sentence "What is the range on the new Tesla Model 3?" it's much more natural than "What is the distance limit on the new Tesla Model 3?"


The issue would be that there's already a word for "range" or "scope" in Vietnamese: "phạm vi" (from 範圍). Plus, the word "range" has a lot of definitions depending upon the context. Think of "range" as being the natural limit on the distance that someone or something can perform one of their senses or travel. On the other hand, "distance limit" or "limit on distance" is artificially enforced.


From Chinese 界限

  • Mandarin: jièxiàn
  • Cantonese: gaaihaahn
  • Southern Sixian Hakka: giai han
  • Hokkien: kài-hān


I could not think of this one :-) thanks


Usually gi- Sino-Vietnamese words are ji- in Mandarin and g- in Cantonese.


I have no idea what this means in English. How can you limit the distance? Does this mean take a short cut?


No it means the limit on a particular distance or range.


As in "this electric car has a distance limit of 35 miles before it needs to be recharged'? This term is not much used in English.


It's a rather specific sentence I will admit but, yes, it just means a limit on the distance between two things be it if two people can only be certain maximum distance from each other or if we're talking about the maximum distance between the Earth and some celestial body.

If you want to say 'take a shortcut' then it's 'đi đường tắt' which is comprised of đi (to go) + đường (road/path) + tắt (amongst its other meanings, here it means 'short').


Thank you for this clear explanation. Perhaps there is some reason why this term is used more in Vietnamese daily life than it is in other places?


It's likely just a randomly generated one.


No such thing as a distance limit duolingo sucks

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