"A magas épület egy kórház."

Translation:The tall building is a hospital.

September 28, 2016

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Kór = sickness, disease; ház = house, just like German Krankenhaus.


It is not uncommon to hear someone say that is a high mountain or hill. For a building it would be tall and not high usually


The high building is a hospital. I reported it.
The big building= nagy épület It is not sure that it is high


"High building" sounds wrong. It suggests a building up on a cliff face.

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When I learnt basic English, told me that tall is for people and high for things.


I think that was just a sort-of-useful approximation. What's important is to not use "high" by itself for people unless you mean they are under the effects of (illegal, generally) drugs. As a native English speaker, "high" is not used to describe heights of things. It's used for "elevations," above either the ground, floor, or sea level depending on context.


Not always. But people are only high if the are far up in the mountain, hill, tree, in a building. The person is high in the “. “. Or high on drugs ; almost always illegal drugs


really - ugyanaz - absolutely the same


I translated "... egy kórház" by "... one hospital" and got corrected. I thought since egy = one (the numeral), it could be used in this context. Is there a reason it's not possible here?


It's not possible, since egy is the indefinite article here.


Sorry but a building can vbe "big"


A building can be a lot of things but magas can't. Using "big" to describe something tall loses a lot of specificity.


Why do I get wrong when I wrote "The high building is a hospital" ? A man can be tall not high but a building should be high and not tall! But I must point out than english is not my first language.


English is my first language - and "tall" is not restricted to people. "Tall" means higher than average. Anything can be "tall". "High" means a long way above ground level.

"The high building" is a building up a mountain. You are in the city - you look into the hills - at the top of the hill - but only one storey high - is the hospital. It is a high building. But is there are lots of buildings and one stands out as being higher than the rest - that is a tall building.


Thanks you very much for your answer and of course I accept it, but in a way I think the main point should be to correct what is really wrong in the writing, or in the translation of the Hungarian language and not this kind of "wrong" translation to English which to me seems pretty picky because "tall" and "high" both have pretty much the same meaning. It's just a matter of nuance.


No - it is not just nuance. DL has to also present correct English sentences (especially for people whose native language is not English). In English the correct translation is as given "The tall building is a hospital." "The high building is a hospital." is incorrect.


British, American or Australian? I read lots of english books and have never come across a "tall" building.


I speak New Zealand English which is basically UK English with Maori words. I also read US English books. I assure you "tall building" is common.

The definition I gave earlier for tall and high paraphrases the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary which is the reference for UK English.


Neither do I. But even though I think it feels weird to say "a tall building" and if I believe I speak fluent English, I must accept that I never can compare myself to a native, up to a certain limit.

In French, which is my native language, one would say that a building is high (haut) not "tall" (long, élevé). Maybe that's why "a tall building" sounds weird to me.


You must be just reading books about down to earth topics, then; about time to add some about buildings to your reading list as well.


Why is "the big building" not correct?


Big is "nagy". A building can be big without being tall.


A building can be wide, or long, or tall and still considered big, so big isless concrete than tall.

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