"Is your diet effective?"

Translation:Είναι αποδοτική η δίαιτά σου;

September 28, 2016

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" Η δίαιτα σου είναι αποδοτική;" is this possible?


Αποτελεσματική ?


thank you it's been added.


Μία ερώτηση:αποδοτική και αποτελεσματική είναι το ίδιο;


Not exactly but they are often used interchangeably in Greek.

In English, we would use "efficient" for "αποδοτικός" and "effective" for "αποτελεσματικός".

The difference in English is that "efficient" would refer to the way something is done "He is an efficient workman and does things with the least waste of time and effort. etc." whereas, "effective" refers to the end result.

This is the way I learned it: "Being efficient is about doing things right while being effective is about achieving the right result."

Here's another example: "Walking may be an effective way to get to the office, but driving is more efficient." Both methods will get you there, but driving takes less time and energy.

Hope this helps.


The letter η comes up as Ήτα which in greek is the name of the letter but in a sencence it should not be pronounced as Ήτα but as a plain e sound.


Yes, we have reported that and duo will correct it in it's next make over. thank you.

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