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My students took the Placement Assessment to determine the level they needed to begin with (of course all of them started on Basic 1-Middle School). Is there a way for them to take the assessment again or for me to assign the assessment? I would also love to see the scores from the assessment. Any thoughts? Any way duolingo can add this so they can see their growth?


September 28, 2016



They can reset their progress and re-start the course. All their records of that course will be lost, but they will be able to redo the placement test.

To reset their progress, they need to click on settings, then learning language, then reset or remove languages.


I don't want to reset, I just want to see how much the grew.


Oh, ok. In that case, get them to buy a progress quiz from the lingot store. It's not something you can assign, though, and you won't be able to see the results.

That seems like an obvious feature to add - I just posted in the forums suggesting it as a feature.

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