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Supplemental learning resources

General/multiple resources

Écoute - A French reference in German.
French by French - French learning site.
The French Experiment - French lessons, children's books, home study tool reviews, dictionary.
Super French Websites - Tons and tons of French links.


Dictionnaire des synonymes - A French synonym dictionary.
Grand dictionnaire - A French - English dictionary for domain specific terms (accountability, geology, medical, etc.). Maintained by L'Office Québécois de la langue française.
Reverso French-English/English-French Dictionary which offers Conjugation, Context (Examples of use in many sentences), Translation, Grammar, Spell-Check and also offers French to and from Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish with instructions (top right corner) in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese.
Larousse Authoritative French Dictionary for French of France with synonyms, conjugations and expressions, includes bilingual dictionaries, encyclopedia, forum, recipes...
Verbs online - Verbs listing


Didier Connexions - French Course.
Didier Latitudes - French course
Phonétique - A free course on French pronunciation. Click the flags on the second bar to change the language of the web site.

Grammar references - Comprehensive grammar tutorials. - French grammar


Bonjourdefrance - Checks your pronunciation. Supports Chrome Speak.


Abyssum - Test to see how many words you have in your vocabulary in French.
Audio French - French audio
Azurlingua - Free French tests online.
Conjugation Practice - Conjugations
Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique (CCDMD) of collège de Maisonneuve
Le Figaro Le Conjugueur - to get the conjugations of every French verb.
Le point du FLE - A source of French material and exercices for French as a second language students.
French FM - Learn French gender ending patterns and exceptions. Has a useful cheat sheet of gender endings.
Practice French Verbs - A website to practice French conjugation
schoLINGUA - Conjugation trainer - Practice over 12,000 French verbs - Free worksheets and vocabulary lists, plus audio.
Quebec French - A list of differences between French spoken in Quebec and the spoken in France.
User created list of links by lindakanga includes Learning Loom Ladder a journey through the Duolingo skills, well worth checking out.

Content in French

Le journal en français facile an easy to follow podcast with a transcript produced by RFI (Radio France International)
Très Française - a French music playlist on Spotify. Besides France, the playlist also has french music from Canada and Belgium. Spotify is a music streaming app and website.
20 Minutes News - news
985fm -On Line Radio 98.5 fm
AFP - News – French Edition
AudioCite - Free audio books in French.
BFM TV - French TV
Cap-eveil - French Children Stories
Canalacademie - This language learning website features streaming news, historical facts and more to help you broaden your vocabulary.
Courrier International - Courrier International
Chez Lorry - children stories
Ebooks gratuits - A website for e-books of the public domain in French, free to download in many electronic formats (including PDF to use on a regular PC or device that doesn't supportother e-book formats).
Extra - A teleseries available on YouTube made for English speakers studying French.
Francais Authentique - Free French podcasts
France 4 - France 4 – TV
France TV Pluzz - On demand French streaming videos.
Francetvinfo - French news
Franceculture - Radio
Franceinter - (Direct to the player)
French in Action - produced by Yale University, these video lessons use the storyline of an American student and a young French woman’s adventures in Paris to teach the language. Link only works in US and Canada.
Lower quality Youtube playlist available for those in other countries.
French-word-a-day - French word-day
Frenchqq - French Dialogues
FSI - FSILanguage Courses
Guy de Maupassant - Free audio books from Guy de Maupassant, a renown classical French writer.
Historiettes - French Children Stories Source MP3s - Virtual library
Mondedespetits French children's story
Le Parisien - Newspaper
Lightandmatter - Free French Textbooks
Littérature audio - Free French audio books.
Monotimes - Directory of French News Sites
Native French Speech - A freemium site offering podcasts and transcripts in French for free, plus other services when you pay.
Newsinslowfrench - News, up-to-the-minute site. Membership fee, but there is a huge resource of learning material for a very reasonable price.
Nostalgie - Radio
OffQc- A blog about learning French in Quebec, Canada and its particularities.Radio-Canada (Canada's public TV and radio network)
Radio-Canada - Audio and video streaming.
Radio France - Live French streaming radio.
ReadMetro – Paris Newspaper
Recherche - Magazine – Science
RFI - Radio France - Radio
Stephyprod - Stephyprod (Stephy Productions French Children’s Stories)
Tv5monde - TV


French music
French Skype group

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