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Suggestion - Assign the progress quiz to students

A few people recently have asked about assessing their students. Assessment is obviously a key thing for teachers. It would be really useful if we could assign the progress quizzes to our students.

September 28, 2016



Idea noted! Sharing what you do currently to assess students is helpful, as well as sharing what ideas you might have. And when you request features or share ideas, we also look at votes and other comments related to the idea, so please keep them coming! :)


I'm a teacher, but not a language teacher. I use Duolingo sometimes with my form. I'd happily discuss the assessment strategies I use with my subject, but I can't tell you much about language teachers' approaches, sorry.


im a grade 4 student


I require my students to have the lingots saved up to take the progress quiz by specific dates. then we take it as a class, midyear. Then we take it again at the end of the year to track their progress.


yea thats a great idea! i dont like school but still. i like quizzes. i like testes too!

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