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Stream problems?

I cannot load anyone's stream, including my own. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Edit: still not working for me, 4 hours later...
Edit 2: And now 22 hours later...

Edit 3: about 24 hours later some streams seem to be working, others not. Mine has a three-week gap in it and isn't showing new skills completed.
In a possibly-related glitch, Duolingo has also bombarded me with email reminders at the wrong time and for languages I have already practised.

September 28, 2016



Me too.

It told me I was all alone :(

[deactivated user]

    We're always with you, Lento : ).


    Thank you very much, I knew you wouldn't leave me.


    Looks like it's finally fixed! I noticed the feed working this morning but the entries were from 3 weeks back. Over the course of the past 10 hours or so I've noticed it slowly updating to more recent entries. Now it seems to have finally caught up to real-time. Very strange :)

    [deactivated user]

      Me too!!!!! How weird!! : (

      [deactivated user]

        yay now it works!!!!!! : D

        [deactivated user]

          and yours?

          [deactivated user]

            ok awesome


            I am betting this is a glitch, as it has occurred previously and been fixed. :)


            Same. As Usagiboy said, it has happened before. At least we aren't alone ;D


            Thank you for letting us know. Do you have more/more certain info since then? Also, I have been wondering if all Duo members experience the effects of this glitch or only some of us do? If everyone is affected, then those who thus far haven't found this thread are still without info as to what's happening? Should that be the case, wouldn't it be a good idea to notify everyone by making this thread a sticky, or letting them know in some other way?


            As far as I know, everyone was affected. It looks like a few accounts are just now starting to see a little progress with portions of their stream reappearing.

            The ways of staff are mysterious and they tend to limit their time in the forums. So, we (mods) are doing what we can to get the word out as we receive it.


            Million thanks for the great news and for all your work :)


            Thanks for your information, it is quite helpful to understand what is going on. I guess the staff are the people that are fixing the problem and the mods are the people telling everyone about it?


            I thought that too! I was so scared I was shadowbanned, until I found out i can still post :)


            Yep, Duolingo is experiencing its weekly server problems.


            I thought they scheduled those for 11:45 pm when I'm trying to get my streak in.


            Oh crap, is that what happened to me? Seriously, I got a message, "too many requests," and lost my 973-day streak.


            That's terrible! I got the "too many requests" thing several days in a row but I was lucky enough to keep my streak. Were you using the stats userscript? Some people said that may have been the problem.


            Yes, I need that script to see my students' trees. It was dumb of me to get on DL at 11:45 pm and check the notifications before logging in some points; I didn't think of the possible consequences.


            I'm not sure about the times anymore, sometimes I'll have too many requests on particular days, than no activity stream, then sometimes I have my immersion tab re-appear, it's all just getting frustrating.


            Are you still having the "too many requests" problem? I haven't had that since you made that post about it.


            It stopped a couple days ago, but it was getting less frequent


            It's nice to see you back! :)


            I've also got lag on immersion points being added, way beyond the normal delay (more than 24 hours) and a glitchy 'like' button. And whilst it won't be news to anyone that the popular vs like function on the discussion board doesn't really work, how is this not showing there as opposed to threads that are older with far fewer replies and upvotes?

            In short, site not working properly.


            I'd like to give a big shoutout to lindakanga, the wonderful Duolingo moderator!!! ^-^

            Thank you for making us all feel better about this situation.

            Thank you for reassuring us that things will be resolved.

            Thank you for helping everyone stay positive throughout this whole mess.

            And last but not least, thank you for being so kind, and keeping Duolingo a safe, trouble-free place to learn.

            Thank you!!! ^-^


            My activity stream is empty and it says "you're alone"... but at least now I know that I'm not alone! Thank you for posting this!


            Alone, alone, all, all alone, alone on a wide wide sea!


            Ditto, it is very odd, activity is glitching too. It says I am "all alone" when I am following 34 users.

            I don't want to die alone!

            EDIT: I do hope this isn't permanent. I have heard rumors about an A/B test where this happens, and I do not want it.


            It's not permanent and not an a/b test this time. Just a malfunction.

            These bunnies, omg ♥ (just don't get carried away. we wanna keep things on topic ;)


            Thanks for all your time informing us on the problem. Sorry, didn't mean to get carried away. :)


            But Hell is other people.


            Same here.

            I made a new discussion thread about this, not seeing this earlier. >.<


            Also, I submitted a bug report, so hopefully Duolingo will resolve the problem soon. ^-^


            Thanks - I was just about to submit one myself. I discovered this problem 8:00 am Australian time (that's 9 hours ago - others reported it on this thread 10 hours ago). They fixed it a lot faster last time.


            Yeah, I only got on like an hour ago, so I hope this gets fixed soon! >.<


            Hi all, small update for ya. This is not an intentional a/b test. Streams will be coming back at some point. In the meantime, please update yourself on how forum moderation will be carried out by reading This Post.



            Thanks so much for the update, they seem to be fixing it. My activity now shows posts from 2 weeks ago but at least it's something!


            Same. Maybe an update? I have all 4 bars online.....

            Edit: I have tried reloading and it yet to load. Hmm. Edit of Edit: Tried again- and got the little thing to post to the person. I typed, "Hello", and there was no signal that I was typing. Improvement? Yes


            When I first realized that my activity page was acting up, I thought I was banned! >.<

            Now I realize that everyone else is also being affected by this glitch.

            Glad to know that I haven't done anything wrong! ^-^

            P.S. I hope this gets fixed quickly!


            Yeah, I'm getting an error message when I try to load my stream, but it still shows that I have followers and people that I'm following.


            Mine doesn't work since yesterday evening 22:00. I suppose we must have patience....


            Same for me, stream has not been loading properly for half a day. Glad to see that I am not alone with my solipsistic scare. :-)


            Same here as well :(

            Thank you Garpike for starting this thread, and thank you All for the info, updates and comments. It's a relief to realise, it's only a glitch telling us we are alone :)


            Just discovered this problem as well. Glad to see it's not just my account that decided acting normally was too mainstream. It really sucks, since now I can't do my daily banter with a certain English learner.


            Me too, plus it knocked out my password so I had to request a new one.


            What I would like to see on this forum in what progress is being made on this. I hear about the problems, but not what is happening to resolve them. Lots of times I also hear don't bother us we know its a problem and that is a BS answer.


            I think that's unfair. Duolingo aren't going to be able to tell us what the problem is until they've figured it out. ...and yes, we've been told that there's no point posting more and more forum discussions saying the same thing; there isn't.


            It's working now!


            For me, it seems that my Activity stream is back, but all the activity is 2 weeks old! I can see others' streams as well, but it's also outdated. Improvements, but not quite back to how it's supposed to be. Glad I can still communicate with my friends on the discussion streams, though. ^-^

            Thanks, Duolingo team!!!


            Yes - The program takes time to reply - If I am correct or not


            Yup, this happened to me aswell


            Yes, this is still happening. It seems frozen at a certain time and the stream is several months old. At least that's what I am experiencing.


            How am i supposed to type in Greek? im at a loss and dont understand how i can answer the English to Greek. I cant progress


            There's a post towards the top of the Greek forum that will help.

            You might also want to look at the Guide to keyboard layouts and input methods on the wiki.

            If you have technical problems like this, you're more likely to get a useful response if you post in the troubleshooting forum, rather than putting a comment at the bottom of some other post.


            I am betting this is a glitch


            I just logged in half an hour ago and I wasn't able to access my streams at all.


            Duolingo keeps crashing, in the middle of a sentence. October 18, 2020.

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