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  5. "O banheiro está fechado."

"O banheiro está fechado."

Translation:The bathroom is closed.

February 7, 2013



Can banheiro mean toilet, or is it just a room with a bath in? Toilet wasn't accepted.


Yes, banheiro also works for toilets.


Why use "está" suddenly? Why not "é" as in all the other adjective sentences?


We use "ser/é" for qualities, things that are somewhat permanent. Things that are in the nature of the persons/objects.

And "estar/está" for states, things that naturally change.

Ela é bonita, mas está cansada.

Ela está feia hoje. (You are comparing with the other days, but she is not normally like that)


The lifeguard is closed? ;)


Hahaha, that's European Portuguese.

Duolingo is mainly Brazilian Portuguese :)

We would accept that answer if it made sense.


Speaking of European... I will just take this opportunity to put a plug in here now for, a casa de banho and repeat the well-worn joke, Q: if you are Brazilian in your banheiro, what are you in an airplane bathroom? A: European... (of course)!

Never see that word the same again. =]


Because the bathroom is closed NOW, but it was open before and it will be open later. It's not a stable adjective, it depends on the present condition. In Spanish, you can say "Eres guapa", which means you are a pretty girl, or "Estás guapa", which means that you look pretty in this moment.


Does "fechado" mean, for instance, the bathroom is occupied at the moment? Or as in "the shop is closed (for the night)"?


The latter option.

  • occupied = ocupado
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