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Interested in Duolingo Greek Tree "Tips and Notes" Compiled

Hi Greek learners and developers!

Greek developers: Does the full set of "Tips and notes" for the tree, Exist anywhere in a compiled form like a pdf?

Greek learners: I also wanted to gauge if anybody else would be interested in that.

I am only about halfway done with the tree now so I'm not able to put together the full set. I've thought about maybe having it on hand in a print form, for the times when I am off my mobile and away from a computer.

It naturally raises the question, if that time would be better spent in another printed form of Greek (Duo says: maybe, but ask in the discussion forum).

Kind Regards.

September 29, 2016


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I am sorry, things seem to have changed. and the script that did work , no longer works.
It is described here :

However you can manually copy and paste the Tips and Notes to a word processor, as I am commencing to do. However it requires you to open each skill in order to do this.

Unless anyone else knows a way to do this ?


Hi Linda, I am not sure how files can be posted safely on DL - perhaps as a shared dropbox or Google Drive file.

I would be interested in that (in whatever format you have), if you are putting it together and would be willing to share. Otherwise it is no problem for me to "Review and Compile" at the same time.

Thank you for sharing the script link, I understand that method doesn't work any more, it's no problem.

Anyway we are still in Beta so maybe I am just a little too eager...

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