"Orange and apple"

Translation:Cam và táo

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You are given the options: cam, hay, sữa, ly, và, Cam, táo.

The question asks you to translate the English phrase "Orange and apple"

Cam because it is the first word, Orange, also has its first word capitalized. However Cam = cam. They both mean orange.

và because that means and

táo because that means apple.

hay is incorrect because that means or

sữa is incorrect because that means milk

ly is incorrect because that means glass

All of this was a straight forward translation to see if you remember the terms.

1 year ago


Cam hay táo

1 year ago


Did it the wrong way around

11 months ago


If you do not know how to used ‘’the ‘’ you can not to write in English . Check back with your English Teacher.

5 months ago
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