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  5. "Ez nem kabát, hanem pizsama."

"Ez nem kabát, hanem pizsama."

Translation:This is not a coat, but pajamas.

September 29, 2016



Oh yes, after the 10th beer it is very difficult to distinguish between the two :-)) .


Is "pizsama" one pair of pajamas, or multiple pajamas?


It is one. I didn't know pajamas also came in pairs. They are like pant suits. Why aren't pant suits in pairs then? :)

Anyway, "egy pizsama" is something that one person can wear at a time. As a general rule, for any piece of clothing or accessory: if it is one piece, it is singular in Hungarian.


In NY State we say "pair of pajamas" to refer to pajama pants :)


Pajamas is singular - they don't come in pairs :-)


Is "pyjama" a British spelling? It's "pajamas" in American English.


Pyjamas is English spelling, yes. Plural, because there are two parts i suppose. What i would call a "trouser suit" would be singular because "suit" implies two pieces ( also just womens clothing, men would just wear a suit). If there was also a waistcoat, that would be a "three piece suit" and that would be for men.


Looking at the translation: 'This is not a coat, but pajamas.' I don't get it why 'kabát' is translated as 'a coat' while 'pizsama' as 'pajamas' ('a pizsama' is given as incorrect)?


.....especially when, in another example, it's listed as pizsamak!

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