Speak English :-)

Hello Everybody,

I'm French and I want speak with you for practice my english. First: How are you everybody? :-)

Me I'm fine and I'm happy to speak with you :-) My English is very basic XD

Speak with me in the forum for work your expression write :-)

See you later.

September 29, 2016

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Hi! Your English is good, and I would love to talk!

September 29, 2016


How are you ? (Me I am fine)

What did you eat this morning ?(I ate a breakfast = coffee with a peace of bread)

Where do you come from ?(I also come from France so I speek french as well !)

See you later !

September 29, 2016

Hello, Angela. Welcome to Duolingo! Your English is already good.

My name is James and I am English. I speak French and I love France, but we can speak English here so you can improve. I live and study in Sheffield, in the north of England. Where in France do you live?

Waiting for your reply, have a good evening.

September 29, 2016

hello Angela, i'm french also, i'm come from in Dunkerque. I'm 14 years old. i'm in 3rd (en 3eme). I have cats and dogs. My 2 dogs are Galaxie and Hivy. Do you have any pets ??

October 2, 2016

Hello Emilie, nice to meet you :-) Yes, I have a pet, a cat exactly. It's Mowgli.

October 2, 2016

Hello Angela,

Your English is already good, it is nice to see people like you to do everything to acheiive their goals. :)

So, i think we have a same goal. If you want, i am available to discuss. Let me know if you are interested.

I take this opportunity to introduce my self, I am Moroccan for many reasons i decide to improve my knowledge, the most important of them is about work. i am computer engineer and to keep pace with technology, we must have a very good level in English.

Otherwise thank you to the whole community for the reactivity.


October 11, 2016


September 29, 2016

Hello !

I'm fine as well, thank you ! You're English is quite good ! :) Would you mind if I just correct a few of your expressions ? - "I want speak with you" -> "I want to speak with you" - "for practice my English" -> "to practice my English" - "in the forum for work" -> "in the forum to work" - "expression write" -> "written expression"

Keep on learning, you're on the right track !! :)

September 29, 2016

Hi! May I correct one of your words?

  • "Your English is quite good!" --> Your is the possessive of "you". You're is the contraction of "you are", e.g. "You're on the right track!"
September 29, 2016

Oh right, I did not notice about this misspelling ! Thank you !

September 29, 2016

Hey, thanks for correction and your help, but my difficult with your answer, can you explain me or translate me: "quite good", "Keep on learning", "the right track", "Would you mind = Qu'est ce que tu penses"?

Thank you for your help :-D

September 29, 2016

Yes sure, no problem !

  • "quite good" = assez bon, plutôt bon / Tu peux l'utiliser avec beaucoup d'adjectifs (quite funny, quite fine, etc.)

  • "keep on learning" = continue d'étudier, continue d'apprendre / "Keep on doing" signifie continuer à faire quelque chose (keep on cooking = continue de cuisiner, etc.)

  • "the right track" = la bonne voie / "track" = la route, le chemin. Donc tu es sur la bonne voie, pour reprendre l'expression française.

  • "would you mind if" = ça te dérangerait si" / par exemple "would you mind if I come with you ?" = "ça te dérangerait si je venais avec toi ? " I would not mind if you eat my cake" = ça ne me dérangerait pas si tu manges mon gâteau

I hope this will help ! :^)

September 29, 2016

hi i'm a moroccan girl i speak arabic a little french and english ; if you can help me to learn both of them i will be happy thank you

September 30, 2016

Hi Angela!

I'm French too and I want to practise my English (too :p). I'm a student and I'm nineteen. What about you?

September 30, 2016

Me too, I'm student. I'm informatician. And you?

October 2, 2016

I am a student in biologie to become a vet ;) It's very difficult and, to pass the contest, you ought to be bilingual... It's why I'm here to improve my English :)

October 6, 2016

hi what's up i think the word informatician don't exist (computer science=='informatique) moi aussi je suis un étudiant en informatique

October 22, 2016

hellow your english is very basic !!!!!!!!!!! my english is very very very very very basic xd

Neicisum ouh are you a teacher?
oups this website is not boring xd I am verry happy c'est la festa xd

October 1, 2016

hello im tunisian my anglish is basic too let's learn together

October 1, 2016


October 3, 2016

Hello , je suis un informaticien a ENSIAS et j'ai besoin de parle en francais et anglish .......

October 3, 2016

Hello Angela ! How are you ? I like your idea to share our learning here. me too i'm beginning with this beautiful lenguage, it's necessary for my studys and to understand lyrics of Bob marley XD and others !!! And you why do you learn english ?

Thank you for share !

October 8, 2016

Hello Angela (and others), I'm fine and you? I'm french too, and I will be glad to speak with you.
Good luck for learning!

October 8, 2016

hello how are you today i speak english and you

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