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  5. "Πόσο είναι το ποσό;"

"Πόσο είναι το ποσό;"

Translation:What is the amount?

September 29, 2016



I think "What is the total?" should be accepted (as well as" …amount").

The answer offered in its place, "What is the sum?" is not something a native speaker would say.

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Yep, agreed, I was just marked as incorrect for that too.


When we play wolleyball, my greek speaking temmates use short πόσο ποσό. I heard it zillion times and never heard ποσο ειναο το ποσο


are you sure it's πόσο ποσό and not πόσο πόσο? In Hebrew we use "kama kama" (כמה כמה, literally "how many how many", as in how many (points) for one team and how many for the other) on similar situations


This is a good example why accents are important in greek. Other tricky words would be : που – πού (that vs. where) πως – πώς (that vs. how) η – ή ((feminine form) the vs. either, or)


May be it is important in short senteces without context, but i cant hear the difference in real life between πως or πώς (or any other, especially in songs :) And as I see many ads outside - accents are ποτέ used.


Πόσο and ποσό sound differently. Do the words that you have mentioned also sound differently, depending on whether it is accented?


Only if you have more than one syllabi (e.g. πότε - ποτέ, πόσο - ποσό) For words with one syllabi the accent is only important in written language...if you want to be precise


Why is "How much is the total?" wrong??? Just asking as the "clue" to "Πόσο" is "How much" & I thought that in an earlier excercise that had been correct ( at least according to mynotes taken at the time!).


I got the accent in wrong place Ποσό DL marked it right Did I get the sentence wrong

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