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  5. "We love the NHS."

"We love the NHS."

Translation:Dyn ni'n caru'r Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol.

September 29, 2016



Ain't that the truth? Especially lining overseas I love it more and more!


"caru y gwasanaeth" was also given as optional. I thought y contracted to 'r after a vowel? When might it not do that?


Why not "Dyn ni'n caru'r Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gendlaethol" ?


The term gwladol refers to something run by the 'state'. In this case the 'state' is the UK as a whole, not the individual nations that are the parts of it. Here, it is the 'state service' that gwasanaeth gwladol refers to. (Note that gwasanaeth is a masculine noun, so no mutation of gwladol.)

In Wales, the devolved NHS is GIG Cymru/NHS Wales - Gwasanaeth Iechyd Genedlaethol Cymru - which is the service concerned with the 'national health' (Iechyd genedlaethol) of Wales. (Here, iechyd is the feminine noun causing the mutation of cenedlaethol.)


Thank you for the explanation. The health service in Wales is devolved and using your terminology that "gwladol" is something run by the state, then it could be argued that the state in the case of the Welsh health service is Wales governed by the Assembly. It follows from that that either the Assembly is incorrect in its use of Genedlaethol, or that either Gwladol or Genedlaethol could be used. However as this is a Welsh Language course and not a political discussion I do not see any point in discussing it further. But would add that I am very grateful to you for taking the time to respond.


Those are just the terms that are actually used. No doubt the Welsh wordings were decided by a committee that ignored the golden rule - that a committee should always consist of an odd number of people and that that number should be less than three.


It would be very un-welsh to have a committee of less than 10 on such a subject and possibly it would consist of number of people who may be odd as well as being an odd number. The committee that you are advocating would probably be soundly whipped from Holyhead to Chepstow. Many thanks.

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