"Ja, einschließlich mir."

Translation:Yes, me included.

February 7, 2013



Why does the other question: "einschließlich mich?" (including me?) use the accusative mich and not the dative mir?

February 7, 2013


"einschließlich mich?" is definitely wrong... this is from the discussion section:

"This one is tricky. Technically, 'einschließlich' is a genitive preposition, so grammatically one would expect 'einschließlich meiner'. The problem is: Nobody (sic!) I know ever uses this construction. It sounds rather stilted. Most people use the dative instead: 'einschließlich mir'. But this sounds colloquial. I guess it's best to just avoid the combination 'einschließlich + personal pronoun' with constructions like 'ich eingeschlossen'. One thing is sure, however: 'einschließlich mich' is wrong."

October 10, 2013


Genitive as in "inclusive of me," I guess... Maybe we should just say, "Me, too," and avoid the whole issue!

April 18, 2015


I got dinged on Ich eingeschlossen, the Owl requiring mich rather than ich. Should it be reported?

January 6, 2016


Not too sure if this would help you, coming as it is after more than a year. I suppose you're right. It should have been "mich". Here's what I found:


I too am a leaner. Maybe a native could chime in.

March 11, 2017


I'm wondering if you found an answer in the last 7 months on if it should be "Mich eingeschlossen"?

October 17, 2017


I interpreted as follows.

"einschließlich mich" (I am mixed in)

"einschlie-lich mir" (I also join the group) = (I included)

Due to the above nuances, Dative is correct.

August 13, 2019


Does this word break up? If so, could anyone please let us know the different parts of it?

February 5, 2015


ein- (in)

-schließ- (from schließen = to close)

-lich (adj./adverb suffix like English -ly)

A very literal translation would be something like "enclosingly" or something. It breaks down similarly to the English word "including", except that that comes from Latin.

June 18, 2016


The etymology is actually similar to Englisch. The word include comes from a latin word meaning "shut", with the prefix "in-". Einschließlich has schließen, which means to shut or to end. It also has ein-, which is the same as "in-"

April 27, 2015


And you can remember schließen as connected to das Schloss=the castle, which main purpose is that it can beocme enclosed by shutting the gates.

January 21, 2016


"einschließlich" is my favourite German word. Just rolls off the tongue so nicely. I just want to work it into every sentence I use when I go to Germany in December.

November 5, 2015


Why isn't "including me" accepted?

July 14, 2018


It is now.

January 22, 2019


No, it's not.

March 14, 2019


I put "Yes, me as well" but it marked it wrong. I think these things mean the same. What does everyone else think?

November 19, 2015


"Me as well" is slightly different from "Me included". "Me as well" is kind of like "me too" but "me included" is saying that you are included in something, "me too" is saying in that particular aspect you are similar to whoever you say "me as well" to. Sounds complicated

November 25, 2015


why do i get marked down for "yeah" instead of "yes" ?

May 27, 2017


einschließlich+ dativ oder +genetiv ?

April 25, 2013


According to PONS, einschließlich takes the genitive.

September 15, 2013


The pronunciation of einschließlich is eyn-SHLEE-slish. Here is a link I checked out. While the specific word is not listed, I'm sure you might find it on the app.

Just thought these might help out with the pronounciation. :)

July 23, 2015


But don't confuse the last "sh" sound for the first "sh" sound. The first is the normal English "sh" sound, a voiceless palato-alveolar fricative, but the last one is a voiceless palatal fricative, which is not a common sound in English, but some British English speakers use it as the "h" sound at the beginning of "hu" words like "hue" or "human".

August 22, 2015



December 28, 2016


I had "Ja, ein schließlich Meer" ("Yes, finally a sea") - which could be what you say after portaging your ship across a desert, hoping to get to the other coast.

November 10, 2017


i failed this question so many times trying to write "included me" out of habit =\

December 16, 2018


I tranlated it as,' yes, include me.' This however is incorrect? So how do you say ,' yes, include me?'

January 25, 2019


'include me' sounds like an imperative, so (beginner that I am) try 'Ja, entschließ mich'

June 27, 2019
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