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  5. "Το πράσινο χολ."

"Το πράσινο χολ."

Translation:The green hall.

September 29, 2016



Surely there's a more Greek word than "χολ"? Can't think of it right now

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I think it is δωμάτιο υποδοχής.


but I think χολ is definitely more frequently used than δωματιο υποδοχης

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Can you see what I deleted? Then I thought maybe Duo wanted to be more formal. I'll leave χολ and add δωματιο υποδοχης and "προθάλαμος". Thank you.


προθάλαμος, αίθουσα, διάδρομος, εισοδος

These are some words that can be used depending on the specific context. Funny I thought χολ was something my grandmother made up when I was a kid. I guess it is in wider use.

As a separate general thought: I wonder if Greek-Americans returning to Greece using words like this have transformed the language.

Thanks jaye for all your hard work


I think αίθουσα is the word that was on the tip of my tongue, as that's what we called the hall at my Greek school!

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I've added "δωματιο υποδοχης" and "προθάλαμος" and will now add "διάδρομος", "εισοδος". I'm checking on "αίθουσα" which is a room and often a large one and actually the word for "classroom". There is another cause for confusion. In Eng. we use "hall" for large rooms "concert hall" etc but that is not the meaning of the Greek "χολ".

I would say: "Θα περιμένω στo 'χολ' /or 'διάδρομος/ or εισοδός'". at home. The others are more professional building, offices etc.

I have no doubt that the returning Greek-Americans brought many words which have now become part of the language.

Thank you for your kind words. The whole team is trying to make the course the best we can and your encouraging words and help are appreciated very much.

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@dioannides Yes, "αίδουσα" is a hall in Eng. but on the order of concert hall. The Greek "χολ" is only used for the hall of a building, the corridor etc. Thank you for your help it is always welcome and appreciated.


'The green hall' was not accepted but was provided as the correct translation.

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