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"Den mand er blevet arresteret over tyve gange."

Translation:That man has been arrested over twenty times.

September 29, 2016


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i never understand this sentence when I hear it :( arresteret is pronounced "asteret" @_@


Should be pronounced like this [ɑɑˈsdeˀʌð] or [ɑɑˈsdeˀʌd]. So as you can see the r's are usually unpronounced, and you sort of have the first a and e, pronounced after each other with the same vowel sound (like saying 'aha' in English without the h). Sometimes you might be right that two vowels are merged into one (as you note 'asteret'), but in any case it is a quite subtle distinction. You can also pronounce it like this: [ɑʁʌˈsdeˀʁʌð] or [ɑʁʌˈsdeˀʁʌd] with all the r's pronounced. This is how you would pronounce it in 'Rigsdansk' (like the queen speaks), so just go with that if it's easier. It is a perfectly correct pronounciation, just not how most Danes would speak

To 'swollow' r's, v's and g's in the Danish is very common


'Blive' becomes: Blee-eh

'Bager' becomes: Ba-uh

'Køre' becomes: Kø-uh

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Thank you very much for all of these informations :) That's the most difficult part for me, understanding oral danish lol, eventually i'll get used to it.


I agree, something is wrong with the sound file of the slow version here. "blevet" becomes something like "bliderne". And usually I am not bad when it comes to pronunciation.

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