"A gyerekek a vízben játszanak."

Translation:The children play in the water.

September 29, 2016



why can't I use kids instead of children?

September 29, 2016


Perhaps the creators translate it as kid = kölyök. Unless kid is accepted for gyerek elsewhere, it isn't a mistake, imo.

September 29, 2016


"Child" and "kid" are largely interchangeable in modern colloquial English. (At least, in North America -- I can't speak with certainty about UK usage.) The distinction is that "child" comes across as somewhat more formal than "kid". For purposes of this lesson, both "child" and "kid" should be accepted.

October 24, 2016


I made same "mistake". IMHO it is not a mistake.

January 12, 2017


Is there a different form for playing (present continuous) and play (present simple) similarly to megeszik and eszik? And can that -meg be applied to any verb?

October 23, 2017


Why is it impossible to use present continuous? Playing is not accepted.

September 20, 2018
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