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  5. "Die Leiter ist klein."

"Die Leiter ist klein."

Translation:The ladder is small.

February 7, 2013



How is ladder an occupation???


If you are asking because the sentence was in the "occupation" category, the category doesn't just cover job types. A ladder is something you might need at work (construction worker, arborist, cable repair, telephone repair, roofer, window washer, ladder repair man...). Just a guess though.


What I was referring to was the fact that all the other new words have been occupations and this is an object. Leiter can be both Leader (occupation) and Ladder (object). How come it told me Leader was incorrect??


They have different genders.

  • die Leiter = the ladder

  • der Leiter = the leader


There we go then! A simple answer for a simple question. Thanks!


Thanks! I suspect they probably meant to put "der Leiter" in this section, but this explains why either answer isn't ok :)


Hmm....Or maybe they're just throwing it in here so we learn to tell them apart


Good to know, thanks!


Leiter has multiple meanings including: ladder, manager, conductor, director, chief, leader. That's why it was in the occupation category. An English word could be translated into different German words depending on context, and vice versa


The problem is that only "Leiter" meaning "ladder" is feminine. The occupations are masculine.


So: die Treppe=the staircase die Leiter= the ladder (In greek we use the same word and i ingnored the existance of the word "ladder")

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