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"Nhà khoa học đó đã trở về như một anh hùng."

Translation:That scientist returned as a hero.

September 29, 2016



"Like" and "as" are often interchangeable in English, but not in this case. "As" in this case indicates that the scientist is actually a hero, while "like" implies he is trying to put on the airs of a hero. Not to mention that using "like" just sounds weird to my native English ears.


Yep, agreed! The reason I commented is because I understand "như" as "like" in this context since using "as" has a completely different meaning as you mentioned. But that wasn't accepted as a valid answer so I was checking if I misunderstood the usage of "như" in this context or if it was a mistake.


That scientist returned a hero. Was not accepted.


Is this different to "that scientist returned like a hero"?


Just adding a vote for the suggestion that, "That scientist returned a hero," should also be accepted. It is the same meaning as the sentence which includes, "as," though an equally (or possibly more likely) usage.


Neither was "that scientist has returned as a hero"


For what it's worth, "returned a hero" should be accepted as well.

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