"A járdáról a zebrára lépünk."

Translation:We step from the sidewalk onto the crosswalk.

September 29, 2016

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In British English this would be "We step from the pavement onto the zebra crossing" (or pedestrian crossing, though that would probably mean a crossing with traffic lights, not a zebra crossing)


And in Australia it's a footpath! (It's still a zebra crossing)


Zebra crossing and pavement are perfectly good English alternatives for sidewalk and crosswalk.


They are the correct british English uses, sidealk and crosswalk are not used in the UK. This sentence was like translating across 3 languages for a Brit!


pedestrian crossing should be accepted especially because it is given as a hint


A zebra crossing is a type of crosswalk, while not all crosswalks are zebra crossings.

It is probably fine for all already unnerved learners if the course is not nitpicky about it, but rejecting zebra crossing as the translation for zebrá and suggesting crosswalk is kind of backwards...


My answer: From the sidewalk we step onto the crosswalk. It was not accepted. It should be. What is wrong with it?


"We step onto the crosswalk from the sidewalk" not accepted?


In the USA "zebra crossing" would get you perplexed looks.

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