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  5. "I should not have asked!"

"I should not have asked!"

Translation:Ddylwn i ddim fod wedi gofyn!

September 29, 2016



Hi, I don't really understand the function of "fod" in this sentence. Can someone explain it to me please?


Firstly, there is an error in this particular sentence - I'll try and get it deleted shortly. It should read:

  • Ddylwn i ddim bod wedi gofyn! - (...ddim bod... not *...ddim fod...)

The bod wedi is what we use to form a perfect tense with a verb form such as dylwn i...:

  • Dylwn i ofyn - I should ask (remembering the soft mutation of gofyn -> ofyn here)
  • Dylwn i fod wedi gofyn - I should have asked ( here, ...bod wedi gofyn mutates to ...fod wedi gofyn)

Moving on to the negative:

  • Ddylwn i ddim gofyn - I should not ask (here it is dim which catches the mutation following ddylwn i...
  • Ddylwn i ddim bod wedi gofyn - I should not have asked (again, dim... catches the mutation)
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