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"Not onto the bed with the shoes"

February 7, 2013



Aaaargh! Yet another mangled English sentence that is structurally incorrect. Please, please, please can we have correct English so those who are not native speakers learn correctly and those of us who are don't have to put up with our language being used incorrectly?


I agree with you BUT at the same time I admit that some small errors in the English should be accepted in a German course (as an answer, I mean - not as the given official sentence). I am struggling to finish this lesson, each sentence seems to have some issues!


Yes, maybe they should work on the official answers (although honestly I'd prefer they focus on the german sentences, making sure those sound natural, than the english ones), but they should accept slight variations as well.

Just make sure you keep reporting any answer you think should be accepted (but look in the comments section first to see if anyone explained that it's a wrong answer). I actually got an email from Duo saying they now accept an answer I submitted, so they definitely pay attention when you report something.


Duolingo treats "auf das" as a mistake, but this seems to me grammatically and stylistically acceptable.


I got "Schuhe" taken as incorrect, saying that it is singular!! "Schuh" is singular. In any case, if "Schuhe" has weak declension, and so should be "Schuhen" this should be indicated as the error.

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