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  5. "το καλό ταυ"

"το καλό ταυ"

Translation:The good tau

September 29, 2016



This sentence should accept το καλο τ, because τ is tau

June 11, 2017

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Yes, it should have been and it is included in the incubator. Were you on the web, Android or iOS? Was this to translate from English to Greek? Or another kind of exercise?

June 11, 2017


Ιt was translated from Greek to English, and was on the web

June 11, 2017


It didn't accept το καλό τ on "type what you hear"

December 8, 2018


That's because there are no alternative spellings in "Type what you hear" exercises. There is only one correct translation. :/

December 9, 2018


So "Το κακό τ" was right in the other one but "Το καλό τ" is wrong here. Why?

September 2, 2018


Well, these are two different sentences you're talking about. Also, it seems like the translation here needs to be in English. What was the issue, exactly?

September 2, 2018


Yes, they are different, I know. But they have a similar structure. If I remember it now correctly- in the previous one for "The bad tau", DL accepted this: "Το κακό τ". So should not "Το καλό τ" be accepted for "The good tau"?

September 2, 2018


It seems like it's already an accepted translation. o.o

September 2, 2018


Strange. Thanks though. I'll notice it the next time.

September 2, 2018


CA/US keyboard, type: To kalo tau
Greek keyboard, type: To kal;o tau

'το' = 'the'
'καλό' = 'good'

'Ταυ' is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet
'Taf' English name

November 10, 2018


So the first one was wrong because I spelled out tau (το κακό ταυ), then immediately on this next one, is wrong because I DIDN'T spell it out (το κσλό τ). This makes no sense.

March 1, 2019


No tau

April 17, 2019


The name of the letter "τ" is pronounced "taf" in greek language.

June 15, 2019


Is that actually an expression commony used? Or is it simply to introduce more vocabulary in this section? Because I had no idea there was a bad tau. Is that like an evil twin brother thing?

April 15, 2018


    This is simply the alphabet section and an attempt has been made to present each letter within a word or tiny expression to add some vocabulary. So early in the course learners usually don't have any background vocabulary. this is just the Greek letter Ττ called tau or taf. This is shown if you hover. Things get more interesting as you progress.

    Also, read the other comments on the page.

    Posted by Jaye16, 1 year ago and 9 months ago. ;)

    April 15, 2018
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