"Péter székeket keres, nem asztalokat."

Translation:Péter is looking for chairs, not tables.

September 29, 2016



So far Present tense in Hungarian can be translated by both Simple present and Present continuous. But NOT IN THIS CASE! I could not grasp why "looks for" IS NOT an acceptable translation for "keres".

September 29, 2016


Because it has not been added as an acceptable translation yet. Please report it, it is perfectly fine.

September 30, 2016


Just bumped into the same problem. Reported :-)

September 30, 2016


Thank you very much for the answer!

October 3, 2016


Shouldn't it be ''asztalokot'' by following vowel harmony rules?

March 18, 2017


No. While very often you can expect that -ot is the ending for singular back vowel nouns, when in the plural the accusative is usually -at (back) or -et (front)

But in general a singular back noun will have either -ot or -at or just -t, as is the case with asztalt

March 30, 2017
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