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  5. "Pa liw yw llygaid y teigr?"

"Pa liw yw llygaid y teigr?"

Translation:What colour are the tiger's eyes?

September 30, 2016



Using the American spelling of "color" (especially when it's given as a preselected option) should not be counted as a typo.


Duo usually allows the different spellings automatically. I'll add this one manually. Thanks for letting us know.


I got a green flag, but it called it a typo.


I got a typo alert for having an extra space in "tiger 's", as that is the option available.


The correct English here is "tiger's" - no space.


Right, the issue being that that is not an option given. Sorry for the confusion.


What sort question is it exactly?

Some of Duo's multiple choice questions are generated automatically and the course team has no control over them.


It's the choose the words to make the sentence kind, translating Welsh to English. "Tiger" and "'s" are choices, but not "tiger's".


Thanks. That is not something that we can change - it is a Duo software glitch. The best thing is to report it on the Duo troubleshooting forums - it is likely to be a common problem, so there may be similar threads there already that you can add to.

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