"Dylwn i seiclo bob dydd."

Translation:I should cycle every day.

September 30, 2016

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'beicio' is also used. In British English 'biking' usually means motor-cycling, but 'beicio' is widely used for pedal-cycling.


Me too - as a first-language-English-speaker, I cycle, and I ride my bike, most days. And I go places on my bike. By bike, too.

I wonder if it has a more leisurely connotation when I ride my bike, and a more exercise-y, active, feel when I cycle. When I go by or on my bike i think it places more emphasis on my mode of transport.

I hope my Welsh is as good as your English one day, OwainLlyfr. I have a long way to go yet, whether by bike, by hook or by crook, by dint of hard work and much practise....



Diolch yn fawr, Margaret!

I'd love to be able to say that my Welsh is as good as my English (or Swedish even!) one day, simply because the Welsh language much more beautiful. Who knows - perhaps we'll both reach that point sometime in the future?

Thanks for your answer regarding cycle / ride a bike. Definitely makes sense to me, and I really wonder why the English word "cycle" in never mentioned as a verb in the school books here (it does appear as a noun when you study math or chemistry at the university, but that's only because the books are English/American).


Yes - let's hope that practice will make us if not perfect then at least pretty proficient! 'Dyfal donc a dyrr y garreg', as the notes tell us!


"Dylwn i seiclo bob dydd gyda Dylan Lingo. " for the sake of the extended Lingo family!


Do you really say "I cycle" in English? The Swedish school books were very stern that the only correct way to say "Jag cyklar" in English was "I ride my bike", and I guess "I should ride my bike every day" wouldn't be an accepted translation of the Welsh sentence here. Would be nice to know what you natives say...


I ride my bike or I cycle, in any tense are completely fine. I am a native despite my spanish name.


It's technically correct, though "I ride my bike" would be far more common in my experience - particularly since this course aims for a register that's not especially formal.

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