Translation:I am talking on the phone.

September 30, 2016

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I would like to add the following:

Since "Telefonálok." does not imply that the person being called has answered, I think it is better translated as "I am making a phone call."

I am speaking on the phone. = "A telefonon beszélek."


Or just a vague "I'm telephoning" :)


Does the verb telefonál also mean "to call someone, to telephone someone"?


Yes, and no.
"Telefonálni" is used without a direct object. It is not even used with the definite conjugation (usually).
You can say "valakiVEL telefonálok" - with someone. Or "telefonon beszélek valakivel" - I am speaking on the phone with someone.

And you can say "telefonálnom kell" - I need to make a phone call.

But if you want to call someone, you say "felhívni valakit" - literally, "to call up" somebody.

"Holnap felhívlak." - I will call you tomorrow.
"Felhívhatlak?" - Can/May I call you?

This is a good example where dropping the preverb carries the present continuous sense:

"Kit hívsz?" - Who(m) are you calling? (on seeing someone making a call)
"Hívom a rendőrséget" - I am calling the police.

To make it complete:
To dial is "tárcsázni"
To hang up is "letenni (a telefont)". Of course, this is with old technology. :)


"I'm talking on the phone" or "I'm speaking..." should both be good answers.


I am calling on the phone, was not accepted


what about "i am having a phone call."? it said it's wrong, but as a hungarian (b1) and english (c2) speaker i can say it could be taken as a correct answer, so idk if i made a mistake or there's mistake in duo :D lmk if some1 knows, have a great day :)


I am talkinv to the phone is correct too. :-(

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