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  5. "I am not smoking next year."

"I am not smoking next year."

Translation:Jövőre én nem cigarettázom.

September 30, 2016



I said "Nem cigarettázom jövőre" and it was marked as incorrect; is this a case of different emphasis, or is my word order objectively wrong?


No, your word order is fine. Please report it. :)


Until Duolingo I had never heard the expression "nem cigarettázom" only "nem dohányzom" can anyone say how common/often used "cigarettázom" is?


"Cigarettázni" is one way of "dohányozni". Also the most common way. Other ways are "szivarozni" (smoking cigars), "pipázni" (smoking pipes), etc.
So, if somebody wants to be specific, "cigarettázom" is the word.


Thanks vvsey, I live in Hungary and signs "nem dohányzó" are ubiquitous these days, maybe I've just not picked up on the word "cigarettázni" and being a non-smoker why would I :)


How it possible pres cont tense + next year?


Alex, it sounds a bit informal to me in this instance. I'd rather say "I won't smoke next year" or "I'm not going to smoke next year." But in most cases it's quite common to use the Progressive Present for future plans:

  • I'm visiting my parents next week.
  • I'm going back to school soon.
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