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  5. "Hello, welcome."

"Hello, welcome."

Translation:Hallo, willkommen.

February 7, 2013



Previous excercise gave a fault for not selecting 'gutten tag' beside 'hallo' as translating for 'hello'. Next i use it in the translation of this short sentence and it is calculated as fault. Please be consistent in you freedom of translation.


Is it Gern Geschehen when you respond to Thanks and Willkommen when welcoming a someone to a place?


Guten tag, wilkommen not accepted as of 9/13/15.


"Guten tag" is wrong - German nouns have to be capitalised, so it would have to be "Guten Tag".


"Hallo" isn't really used in casual conversation - it's usually the time of day, like "Guten Tag," or "Tag."


I disagree. I hear "Hallo" fairly often.

It's probably more used towards children or people you know well though.

"Guten Tag" is more polite so that's what you would tend to use with strangers.


Admittedly, I learned German in Texas and have never been in a German-speaking country. I defer to someone who's actually been there, and it sounds like you have, so I stand corrected. :-)


Wir sagen "Hallo" zu unserer Familie und zu Freunden, "Guten Tag" als allgemeinen Gruß und "Grüß Gott" wenn wir sehr höflich sein wollen. "Tag" ist die Abkürzung von Guten Tag und eher umgangssprachlich.


I have to disagree, too. "Hallo" is used very often when you meet or greet someone, except when it is a formal occasion and you want to be particularly polite.


Why is this word pronounce with a usual "W" sound, i thought the german W was pronounced like a "V"


I hear a "v" sound, as it should be. But it's very short and hard to make out.

Perhaps each of us hears what they expect to hear.


and what is wrong with GRÜß GOTT! - or do they think that is Austrian equiv to Guten Tag which they don't accept???


I don't know which word to use when I'm greeting someoe... Hallo or Guten Tag?


I don't know which word to use when I'm greeting someoe... Hallo or Guten Tag?

Either will work.


What the HECK is going on here? Two questions earlier I translated Hello to Hallo and it was marked wrong by Duo. Now, I (knowing Duo wants the wrong answer), I put Guten Tag, and Duo marks me wrong again. ???? !!!!


Took me ages to figure it out: my lesson had this very sentence twice. Once Duo wanted me to translate Hello=Guten Tag, here Duo wanted "Hallo". Please remove one of them ! I have screenshots if anyone interested. And I have headache too.


I have screenshots if anyone interested.

Screenshots would indeed be extremely helpful.

Upload them to a website somewhere, please (e.g. imgur), and post the URL here.

Thank you!


I have no idea how to do that, sorry. But I can email it


What's an 'erstmal'? Two of the options had that there.


'erstmal' is an adverb meaning something like 'for now' or 'first' (before doing anything else)... for example:
'Wir müssen erstmal schlafen.' - 'We have to sleep first'.
'Man kann erstmal nichts ändern.' - 'One can't change anything for now.' Hope that helps. :)


But couldn't I say lieben instead of willkommen?


No, that would make no sense in this sentence.


I thought they both meant welcome?


No, lieben doesn't mean "welcome".

lieben is a verb meaning "to love", or it can be a case form of the adjective lieb "dear; well-behaved".


keeps telling me I have made a mistake even though the translation and spelling is identical?


then it is prob just a problem with duolingo. unless you missed something


why cant I say Wei Bitte? I thought that is also a way to say your welcome


why cant I say Wei Bitte? I thought that is also a way to say your welcome


You're mixing up several things here.

  • Wie bitte? is something you say when you didn't hear someone properly. "Excuse me? What was that? Come again?"
  • bitte has several meanings -- one of them being a response to thanks: "you're welcome! don't mention it! no worries!"
  • "Hello, welcome!" is saying that you're glad someone has arrived. It has nothing to do with thanking nor with not hearing something correctly.


I'm getting this sentence" HELLO,WELCOME-HALLO,WILLKOMMEN" after every different sentence. Please look into the matter. I'm just asking for not to repeat a same sentence after every sentence.


Why is the right answer guten tag instead of hallo???


Why is the right answer guten tag instead of hallo?

That is not the (only) correct answer.

It is a correct answer.

"hallo" is also a correct answer.


Sometimes I get a positive with "you have a typo" and sometimes I get a "negative" on cases like wilkomen with one M because of my phone.


Willkommen sounds like well come in


Is lieber not a way to say "welcome" or am I crazy?


Is lieber not a way to say "welcome"

It is not.

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