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Parts of Speech, a suggestion

Hi - loving the course so far - my thanks to the team!

However, I'm getting a bit impatient with "parts of speech" - which are important, don't get me wrong - but is it really necessary to have such onerous exercises?

I mean, I don't even know what a lot of these are in English without looking them up (I'm not a language geek), so it doesn't really help me learn what the word is just getting me to translate "the conjunction is not a participle" because I'd struggle to assign a meaning to that in English without a few hints.

It would be much more helpful to do exercises like "the word 'and' is a conjunction". You know, using examples of each of the words we've already learnt at this point in the class (or using those learnt since when reviewing topics)

I guess what I'm saying is that it feels like - and only for this section - I'm needing to learn it parrot-fashion, where as everything else I've gone through feels natural when learning. Is there a way to improve this lesson?

September 30, 2016


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Thank you very much first of all for your kind words and we do want to make the course fruitful and enjoyable. For that reason, your post is very much appreciated. All will be reported and in due time as we polish up the course I hope we can do much better by "the parts of speech.'' All of us know that enjoying a lesson is a key to learning it. And boredom is not. :-( So, I assure you your suggests will be taken into account.


I am in exactly the same position - it also seems like parts of speech should maybe come later after more common everyday words?

All that said, many thanks for the course it's a fantastic resource.


2 years later and it's still there. It's competely pointless ... when do you ever need to know the words for noun, verb, interjection and conjunction in everyday Greek? Learning grammar is important, but learning about grammar as a subject in itself is not. Please get rid of it ... it's a chore, irritating, and unnecessary. Thanks.


Having said, the course is great overall.

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