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I chose to try Vietnamese?

I don't know if I should stop its confusing me too much. Is it possible to redo the same basic level over and over again? Can someone help me please I cant figure out half of the words so I am hovering over stuff like I am going to learn. Should I stop if I am this confused? I want to learn this because its near china and I thought it might be similar to Chinese is it? Can someone tell me if it is or not?

September 30, 2016



Chinese and Vietnamese are 2 different languages. There grammar might be similar at times, but it's as similar as English and maybe Italian?


I feel the same way. It seems very complicated and there are so many accents on the letters. I can't remember them very well.


No, no. Repetition is the key to learn a language. I tried the Vietnamese course last year, I agree, the vocabulary was a little difficult for me, but with repetition, I got a hang of all the words. If you ask me them now, I won't remember as I learned the words last year, but I am sure that I can recall and learn them faster than before. :)

I remember repeating the lesson so many times and the lesson itself was so very interesting. Duolingo's golden system is very useful in this area. You can keep rebuilding your tree as long as all the skills are golden colour. That way you get the practice and also can satisfy Duolingo by showing how commuted you are to learn this language. :)

Do you have a 'Words' tab for Vietnamese? If you have one, the use it to revise all your vocabulary.

Are you noting down everything that you are learning? On an electronic device or in a notebook, it does not matter. All that matters is that it is handy to you and you can learn it soon. I recommend you to type/ write the vocabulary down yourself and not copy-paste them, writing the words the first time will boost your learning.

And about leaving learning it, did you Google why must one learn Vietnamese? I'd you did not, try doing it. I am sure you will find certain reasons that interest you and motivate you to learn. Remember, the toughest part in language learning process is to begin it. You have your reasons, begin it and the language will call you itself! :)

Why Should I learn Vietnamese??

There, a little link to get you started! :)


I am not the person who can give the exact details of whether Mandarin is related to Vietnamese or not, some participants in this discussion have answered your question, but, here is my answer. Don't worry, this is correct statistics and details: 40% of Chinese vocabulary is common to the Vietnamese vocabulary as Chinese in the past ruled over present-day Vietnam. Mandarin has four tones (it has a fifth tone, but is not very popular in language learning) and Vietnamese has six. By learning Vietnamese, you will get a hang of the tones. If you already know the Chinese basics, you are bound to know the tones, either way is fine and will help you accomplish your goal.


the sound of vietnamese is similar english and spanish not chinese. i am a vietnamese, we can learn together


thanks i appreciate it


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Vietnamese sounds are much closer to Cantonese than to Mandarin. This is not surprising, considering that much of the Chinese influence on Vietnamese was over a period of a thousand years during the Middle Chinese era. Modern Cantonese still has many features of Middle Chinese that have been lost in Mandarin (like syllables that end in -p, -t, -k). Some of the tones in Cantonese are similar to, or the same as in Vietnamese.

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