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Selecting accented letters with the keyboard?

I couldn't find a way to use the keyboard to type special characters. I think this would be very useful, as the only time I touch my mouse during a lesson is to type these accented characters. Is my only option to make a list of ALT codes and work on memorizing those along with my spelling and grammar?

June 16, 2012



If you're using OSX Lion, just hold down the appropriate key and the various accent options for that character will popup.


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(I'm on PC) For those curious, I found a solution here, which I will not be using: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/14050

I was wanting a solution that would be inherent in the duolingo service. I think it would benefit everyone to have something like this built into the website so that users do not have to alter localization settings on their computers. Perhaps giving the characters in the list a tab order would do the job. Thanks for the responses.


@singlespace and others using OS X, OS X has built in "short cuts" of a sort for a variety of special characters. Hold down alt and press a key, and you'll get something different. As an example, on a US keyboard, alt+3 gives a "pound sterling" sign - £. Alt + s gives ß. And alt + e gives an acute accent in a little yellow box - the acute accent will appear over the next character typed. So for é, type alt+e followed by e. An umlaut is alt+u, so alt+u then o gives ö. And tilde is under n - alt+n then n gives ñ. There's a lot more out there - play with it or look it up. Additional modifier keys can be used as well - alt+b is ∫, but alt+shift+b is ı.

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