"You drink too much wine."

Translation:Εσύ πίνεις πάρα πολύ κρασί.

September 30, 2016

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I have " παρά πάνω" stuck in my head. Does it mean too much or some other meaning?


Παραπάνω means "more" : είναι εκατό γραμμάρια παραπάνω=It's 100 grams more (than what you asked for), θα πιω λίγο παραπάνω=I will drink a little more (than usual/normal). But also "higher,above,further": μένει 2 σπίτια παραπάνω (if higher πχ. You live at the base of a hill and he lives a little higher) /παραπέρα=He lives two houses further away. Μένει στον παραπάνω όροφο=He lives two floors above. (Because the floor above is "από πάνω" and the floor above the above floor is "παραπάνω"). Hope this helps!


Thank you, it answers so much and adds so much to our understanding of the Greek language.


Thank you, this is wonderful. Sometimes I have ghost expressions which wander around in my head, it is so satisfying to give them substance.


Πίνετε παρά πάνω από ό,τι θα πρέπει. The sentence would have to change around but i think the meaning is the same. In Greek, there is no particular expression for "too much" it is the same as "very much". There is "υπερβολικά" which would cover "too much" but "παρα πολύ" is most usual.


οινος ευφραίνει καρδίαν ανθρώπου


Ah, how fitting. Thank you.


İ want to be sure about this. ''Εσύ πίνεις'' or ''τι κάνεις'' is used for second person singular and ''εσείς πίνετε'' or ''τι κάνετε'' is used for the secon person plural?


Εσύ πίνεις πολύ κρασί was marked right. I didnt put the υπερβολικά does it still have the same meaning


Yes, it's still right because what is "too much" is in the mind of the speaker. So, what exactly is "too much" or "way too much" cannot be expressed with precision.


On the other hand, I wrote υπερβολικά, but forgot the πολύ. Duo marked this as correct with a typo. Is it really okay? Typo doesn't make sense...


Yes, it is ok. This could just as well be translated not using "πολύ" so the "typo" was not referring to that word. There might have been a minor error you didn't notice...an accent, small spelling error that sort of thing.

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Interesting ... from the word bank it just marked it as wrong omitting the “πολύ”. I’ve hit the “my answer should be accepted” button.


There seems to be a glitch in the incubator I'll try to get it straight thanks for the heads up.


Is there a reason why "πολυ πολυ" is not accepted? When is it okay to use it, does it only mean "very much"?


"πολύ πολύ" would just mean "a lot, a lot" it is used in colloquial conversation but it does not mean... " too much wine" which indicates "more than a suitable amount".

The Drop down hints show the correct translation.


Is the correct spelling 'παρά' οr 'πάρα'? Ι see people using 'παρά' but the programme corrects it for 'πάρα'.


It's πάρα.


Παρά πολύ =very much, too has not so narrow meaning

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