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  5. "Αυτό είναι ένα άριστο κρασί."

"Αυτό είναι ένα άριστο κρασί."

Translation:It is an excellent wine.

September 30, 2016



...I know that the -cracy part of aristocracy has a different root, but boy was it interesting to hear the TTS say άριστο κρασί out loud!


I never thought of it that way and listened to is several times. Really a good catch. I'm passing it on I know the other contributors will be delighted. Many thanks.


"This is a fine wine" also makes sense - but I was marked wrong...


I've added "fine" but actually "άριστο" is something beyond "fine".


In Classical Greek ἄριστος was the superlative of ἀγαθός, which means "good" (I don't think this adjective is used anymore in modern Greek) so it literally means "best". This sentence in Classical Greek would be:

Αὐτή ἡ ἄριστη κρᾶσις ἐστὶ

Which means

"This is the best mixture (of wine)"

So άριστος is not only "good", but "more than good", so "excellent".


It is an aristocrat's wine should be accepted! ;) ;) ;)


we call it a premium wine


Thank you, that's so good to learn. I've added it to the incubator. Εις υγείαν!


This is a perfect wine got marked wrong


That's because it says "αριστό". "Perfect" would be "τέλειο". Other possible adjectives accepted are: an excellent/an optimal/a premium/a great/an outstanding/a fine] wine.


It says that αριστό can also be translated as perfect in one of the other sentences, as I made the same mistake.


It might depend on the context. It would help if you could tell us what the other sentence was. Generally, we translate "αριστο" as "excellent". Thanks for your input.

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