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"Es ist innen zwei Meter hoch."

Translation:It is two meters high on the inside.

February 7, 2013



What does this even mean?


Perhaps referring to a space within the interior of some larger structure, where the dimensions of the interior space are not obvious from the outside?


No, that would be: Es ist innen zwei Meter LANG.


It is inside two meters high - WRONG! ugh


That word order would imply that "two meters high" is an object that it is inside or more reasonably though less properly that a given object is less than two meters high.


It is inside two meters high... but when we are outside it is only one meter high. What are you trying to say MyDarling?!


"On the inside" could be at the beginning or end of the sentence.


What is with the positon of innen?


Right after the verb or in the beginning of the sentence.


Wouldn't "drinnen" be more appropriate in this "on the inside" case?


yes, on another discussion the native speaker explained that "drinnen" was for a referenced space, whereas "innen" should refer to the location of an issue or thing


Why can I not say "from the inside.." isstead of "on the inside"


To say 'from the inside' in English you would be talking about something that was literally emerging from having been inside something (such as the guts emerging from the inside of his tauntaun, when Han Solo cut it open with his light sabre, so he and Luke could shelter overnight whilst trapped outdoors on the ice-planet of Hoth). To say 'on the inside' in English you would be describing what the interior of something was like (the classic example would be how Dr. Who's Tardis transport is much bigger on the inside than it looks like it will be before you go in).


If you are measuring something I think it is entirely appropriate to distinguish between a measurement taken inside something from a measurement taken outside. Imagine a pot with a thick base. The inner measurement could be shorter than the other one that measures the height of the pot including the thickness of the base.


it is inside two meters high ,.... marked wrong . is that correct if not why


I wrote the same as it is something I would say as a native Australian speaker and it's still marked wrongly here


inside it is two meters high


Is "Meter" singular or plural? Or both ?


It is a masculine noun with 'er' ending, thus its plural doesn't change.


Ok but in the head of the German speaker, in this case, is plural like in English / Portuguese/etc?


Yes it is, they know is plural because of the "zwei" as if you used die Kinder, drei Keller, viele Zimmer, etc. I know it's strange, I'm a native spanish speaker and plurals are way easier like in english or portuguese, but you get used to it.


Thanks for your patience, Daniel!


You're welcome Teresinha!


What is wrong with "the inside is two meters high"? It means the same.


Sort of...except "the inside" is "das Innere" not "innen". Das Innere ist zwei Meter hoch.


curious if one could translate this as: it is inside two meters high, meaning it is just under or within two meters in height. Anyone?


Innen refers exclusively to the inside of something physical so it can not.


cool. Thanks for the lesson.


that is the answer I gave but it marks it wrong


I learned in school that meter is plural or singular


The literal translation into English english works. It is on the inside two metres up [the wall, for example]


Interior is wrong for innen?


Wir brauchen einen neuen Werfer.


Doesn't this contradict the time manner place typology

[deactivated user]

    I don't understand why " Innen es ist zwei meter hoch" is incorrect. A logical explanation will do, please. ;-)


    Why "Innen es ist zwei meter hoch" is incorrect.

    As per the German grammar, the verb should be in the second position in a sentence. If one goes by this rule, the answer should be revised as "Innen ist es zwei Meter hoch" and it should be correct. I am not a native speaker. It needs to be verified further by some one more knowledgeable


    In English 'meters' is (metres)


    There is a bug. The answer wants Es with capital letter but among the proposed words es is without capital letters, so the right answer produces error message.


    above translation: es ist zwei Meter hoch an der Innenseite but the exercise should be worded: Drinnen ist es zwei Meter hoch. innen und aussen in english is just in and out.


    this does not make any sense


    Then how would you say it is inside two meters high?


    Why hoch is at the end of the sentence?


    I reported the audio of the female voice but I don't know if you can hear it from anywhere now, this thread only gives the male voice. Anyway, if anyone can somehow play the female voice, here's my question:

    Does the "innen" sound like "einen" for anyone else? On the slowed down version it sounds correct but I just cannot hear "innen" with the normal speed at all, and I replayed that audio now for several times. Any native speakers around to check this out? With the male voice I can hear "innen", and the female voice sounds correct with other examples of "innen" but just couldn't find this particular sentence spoken by her anymore.


    This sentence doesn't even seem to make sense in English


    why "on the inside" and not "from the inside" ??


    Can't we just put the goddam "innen" in the end of the sentence like all normal people do??

    The hell is wrong with those german??


    it is just a confusing exercise that Duo has presented in a questionable wrong way.


    im just too laazy to type 'm' instead of 'meter'...and it gets wrong :\

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