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"Đứa trẻ thích xem những quảng cáo cả ngày."

Translation:The kid likes watching advertisements all day.

September 30, 2016



The child likes to watch advertisements all day. <-- Not Accepted 9/9/18


I put "...watching the advertisements..." and it marked me wrong. It seems like half the time Duolingo requires "the" and half the time they don't. Is this just a programming quirk? Or is there some nuance I'm not picking up?


Duo seems to have some mistaken idea that there is a consistent relationship between Vietnamese classifiers and English articles. In any case, Duo's persistent misuse of the English definite article is a serious obstacle to the effectiveness of this course. It forces English speakers to repeat and retype answers until they can remember to use the odd English Duo demands.


"Likes to watch" is correct in English but rejected by Duo.

  • Mandarin: guǎnggào
  • Cantonese: gwóng góu
  • Hokkien: kóng kò


Why is 'The child likes to see advertising all day' wrong?


The truth of this is a sad reflection on the immorality of society world wide allowing such brainwashing of young vulnerable minds.

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