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"The soldiers and the tourists hurry down from the tall grass."

Translation:A katonák és a turisták lesietnek a magas fűről.

September 30, 2016



I'm still having a real hard time getting the word order right. I'll get everything else correct but just have the verb in the wrong place. So if I say "A katonák és a turisták a magas fűről lesietnek" then my mistake is putting too much emphasis on "from the tall grass"? Is that a correct understanding?


Yes, you understand that correctly, but it is not necessarily wrong, just unusual. Off the tall grass, they hurry. Something like that.


Thank you, I always appreciate your insights.


Always a pleasure.


As another native speaker on this thread, I would argue that the word order in "A katonák és a turisták a magas fűről lesietnek" is just as correct as the solution given by the system, therefore it should be accepted. If there is a rule in the Duo grammatical explanations that would justify rejecting it, I would be very interested to know what that rule is.


Accepted now, thanks. The original sentence has been changed to 'off the grass', albeit 'down from' is still accepted as an alternative translation.


Thank you so much for your very kind feedback :)

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