"Az egyik busz oda érkezik, ahonnan a másik elindul."

Translation:One of the buses is arriving where the other one is leaving from.

September 30, 2016

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As if this section was not difficult enough, my answer was rejected because I used "leaves" instead of "starts". Reported of course.


The section is made more difficult by the fact that there are simply not enough accurate variations of the translation in the system. The system itself says elindul means 'leave', but the only acceptable translation in this sentence is 'start'. You may have reported this a year ago, but 'leave' has still not been entered or approved as an alternative. They are just not updating anymore.


Leaves was accepted before,but not here..


what happened with the "there/Oda"? in other cases it had to be: one of the buses is arriving there, where.........


"from where the other one is leaving" is also rejected despite its being the more grammatically correct rendition of the approved translation above.


Why is the simple present no accepted ("arrives" and "leaves")?


My answer: The one bus arrives from where the other leaves. What is wrong with it?


One of the buses = az egyik busz, (oderwise, more exactly): a buszok egyike 2021.08.23.

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