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can we bring back the ´turn off microphone´button?

Sometimes the program fails to recognise a voice recording and gets stuck in a loop. No matter how many time I say something in record mode I can´t move on. There used to be a ´turn off microphone´button which I would use when this happened. Now I have to press ´skip´which means I lose a heart...


February 12, 2014



Hi geoffbroad the button is located at the bottom of the screen. Here's a screenshot to further illustrate where you need to go!


Hi Marssy,

thanks for the reply! Yes the button is there but only there at the very start of the lesson, but as soon the lesson starts it is replaced by a 'skip' button. If the program can't understand what I have said (it sometime refuses to recognise what I say no matter how many times I say it!!) the only option then is to skip the lesson to get out of it and lose a heart. The turn off microphone button used to be there all the time..

Thanks :)



My screen doesn't look like that.

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